Fazer’s Baltic Sea Commitment

/ 1.01.2018

Fazer develops it’s operations for the benefit of the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea.

Organisation: Fazer 

Time: 1/2018 – 12/2022


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Fazer has a long tradition in protecting the environment and operating in the Baltic Sea area. We constantly work to decrease the environmental impact of our operations. Fazer is a considerable player in the Baltic Sea region and we feel that our own operations and what we do together with our partners offer us an opportunity to affect the state of the Baltic Sea. We believe that stronger co-operation in the value chain can help us, together with other players in the field, to achieve something important. The Baltic Sea unites Fazer’s countries of operation and employees.

Fazer’s commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group contains four areas and covers the company’s entire business operations. The areas are:
1. Circular Economy
2. Sustainable Grain Farming
3. Water Stewardship Plan
4. Fazer Offering

The actions and milestones within these four areas form part of the daily work of Fazer’s businesses. The commitment unites Fazer’s actions to promote the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea.



  1. Circular economy. We will develop our ways of working supporting a circular economy by enabling safe nutrient circulation, the more efficient utilisation of waste and side streams, and by increasing material efficiencyPlanned actions:
    -Implementing the raw material loss and waste prevention plan
    -Developing sustainable packaging
    -Participation in discussions about safe nutrient circulation (avoiding sludge)
    -Development of side stream utilisation aiming for a higher waste hierarchy level.
  2. Sustainable grain farming. We will implement our grain vision and continue to advance sustainable grain farming as well as carbon farming activities through Carbon Action together with our value chain.Planned actions:
    -By 2025 all the flour we use will fulfil the 10 sustainable grain farming principles in FI and SE
    -Continue the active stakeholder dialogue on the sustainable farming (e.g Hållbar Livsmedelkedja in SE)
    -Market follow-up in Baltics and Russia
    -Grain Vision review 2019
    -Bakery FI and SE CR Programme
  3. Water Stewardship Plan. We will develop our water stewardship plan focusing on water consumption, waste water and water scarcity in our value chain, aiming for water sustainability.Planned actions:
    -Developing the Water Stewardship Plan by 2018/2019
    -Participation in stakeholder dialogue and forums related to water stewardship (e.g SIWI)
    -Continue to develop the water risk and water scarcity risk evaluation.
  4. Fazer offering. We will develop our responsible offering, focusing on domestic food, seasonality, plant based food, sustainable protein use, and reducing the amount of food waste.Planned actions:
    -Focus on increasing the amount of vegetables: more greens, new vegetarian recipes, restaurant campaigns
    -Food waste reduction: focusing on guest waste campaigns, display waste and storage waste reduction in the restaurants
    -Plant based food offering increase via Fazer Lifestyle Foods BA
    -Research alternative protein sources.