DROPP Water’s Baltic Sea Commitment

/ 1.03.2014

Saving the Baltic Sea. DROPP by DROPP

Organisation: DROPP Water Oy

Time: 3/2014 – 12/2019




DROPP Water Oy donates its profit to promote a good ecological balance for the Baltic Sea. DROPP does this by donating the profit from DROPP spring water to BSAG’s continuous efforts for a living Baltic Sea.



  1. First donation to BSAG. During its first seven months, DROPP established a network of more than 50 retailers and raised awareness among consumers and entrepreneurs about the state of the Baltic Sea. DROPP also brought the message of the importance of the saving the Baltic Sea to different media ranging from TV and national papers to social media. The donation from the first seven months totals 4900 euros.
  2. Second donation to BSAG. During the second year DROPP has gained new and more diverse retailers and stronger visibility. DROPP also has introduced re-usable water bottles. This year DROPP has established a co-operation with Helsinki University supporting on coastal ecosystems around the Tvärminne zoological station. The donation for Helsinki University is 15 100 euros. DROPP’s donation sum for BSAG based on the year’s sale, will be determined by March 2016.
  3. Third donation to BSAG.