Tauko’s Baltic Sea Commitment

/ 6.11.2019

TAUKO – Sustainable fashion for the Baltic Sea

Organisation: TAUKO design

Time: 11/2019 – 12/2022




The main focus of the TAUKO Baltic Sea Commitment is to strengthen the sustainability of textile production. The target is to enhance the environmental friendliness of dyeing of fabrics, develop the recyclability of textiles and increase consumer awareness of these matters.
The commitment relates to the biodiversity of the Baltic Sea marine environment, the sea’s importance to life and how hazardous substances impact the plants and species in the sea.

The commitment consists of three parts.

  1. Textile finishes for r-used textiles: TAUKO commits to investigating the environmental impact of the textile finishes used in producing its collection through public reporting during year 2020. Necessary improvements and replacement procedures are implemented at the latest in year 2022.
  2. Textile recyclability: TAUKO commits to implementing a recycling program for textile waste from its production and consumer textiles (used TAUKO clothes) by year 2021.

Communication: TAUKO commits to communicating to consumers about a more sustainable textile industry and its importance to marine biological biodiversity and the state of the Baltic Sea, and how the consumer can decrease the environmental burden of the textile industry with own choices.

The fulfilment of the commitment is monitored through TAUKO’s and BSAG’s yearly meetings.



  1. By 02/2020 TAUKO has done the investigation of the environmental burden of its re-used textile finishing processes.By October 2020 TAUKO has mapped the environmental burden and applicability of the new and alternative textile finishing processes to its production model.By June 2020 TAUKO’s communication strategy contains communication about the state of the Baltic Sea, marine biological biodiversity and about how the consumer can decrease the environmental burden of the textile industry with own choices.
  2. By March 2021 TAUKO has examined the possibilities of the Finnish and German operators in textile recycling to accept and recycle textile waste from Taukodesign’s process and old consumer textiles.
  3. By January 2022 TAUKO has, in its own production, widely adopted the new dyeing and finishing process, which is based on minimizing the environmental burden.