Taivas’s Baltic Sea Commitment

/ 1.01.2009

Baltic Sea and its severe condition in the minds of people by the means of marketing communication /Baltic Sea -TALK OF THE TOWN

Organisation: Suunnittelutoimisto Taivas

Time: 1/2009 – 





Taivas is committed to keep the public fully aware of the alarming state of the Baltic Sea by making it a truly interesting subject. By the actions of Taivas the Baltic Sea’s problems should first be fully acknowledged and then taken care of.

The objective of the Commitment:
Change in attitudes and courage in communications and actions



  1. Summit 2010 preparation. Baltic Sea Action Summit Kick off / Press conference19.05.2009.
  2. Virtual Baltic Sea Party Campaign. Visual look and system for VIMP for finnish municipal election.
  3. Fund raising campaign to the business sector / Fall 2011. E-mail direct campaign + campaign site.
  4. Itämeri TV series promotion campaign. Campaign for the “Itämeri” TV series and fundraising.