The Baltic Sea Commitment of Metsähallitus

/ 15.09.2022

Organisation: Metsähallitus

Time: 9/2022 – 12/2025

Metsähallitus’ new Baltic Sea Commitment concerns Metsähallitus Parks & and Wildlife unit and, more specifically, marine nature protection. Parks & Wildlife is in charge of public administration services such as nature and cultural heritage protection and fishing and hunting permits. Parks and Wildlife also provide free facilities for hikers.

Metsähallitus marine nature conservation manages the network of marine protected areas and produces information on the marine and coastal species and habitats of the Baltic Sea.

The main aim of the conservation work is to ensure the good status of biodiversity and species of Finnish underwater nature. This is done by planning the management and sustainable use of state-owned marine areas and the marine conservation network. Metsähallitus also strives to bring Finnish marine nature into a good ecological status according to the Marine Strategy Directive. The marine underwater inventory data is also used in monitoring, marine spatial planning, and other political decision making.

Metsähallitus’ second Baltic Sea Commitment focuses on improving the biodiversity of underwater marine life through protection and restoration in privately owned protection areas:

  1. Metsähallitus provides BSAG with information on sites with high conservation value.
  2. Metsähallitus provides BSAG with its expertise in identifying potential new protection sites.
  3. Metsähallitus helps BSAG to evaluate the effectiveness of planned restrictions in potential new protection sites
  4. Metsähallitus and BSAG communicate jointly about potential restoration sites of the Baltic Sea to private landowners?