Webropol’s Baltic Sea Commitment

/ 20.12.2010

Enabling researchers to create more understanding and knowledge about the Baltic Sea with high tech Webropol research software

Organisation: Webropol Oy

Time: 12/2010 – 1/2021


Surveys By The Millions | Webropol



Webropol Oy commits to donate high quality Webropol research, survey and analysis software to all researchers studying any important Baltic Sea aspect. As the researchers aim of study is approved by BSAG the researchers are entitled to use Webropol software to conduct the studies. Webropol will also encourage on their web site researchers to study the Baltic Sea for ensuring up-to-date understanding and knowledge about e.g. attitudes, engagements and overall awareness of Baltic Sea state.

Objective of the Commitment:
To support real time Baltic Sea research, information gathering and understanding to be able to make the right concrete actions for making the Baltic Sea less polluted.



  1. Contributing two software licenses for Baltic Sea research purposes. Finding researchers in the given time table was challenging. To fulfil the commitment, Webropol license has been donated to BSAG. BSAG is allowed to give the rights to use their Webropol survey and analytics software to any person interested in conducting Baltic Sea research (outside the BSAG organization).
  2. Commitment Follow-Up 2012. Different university professors have been contacted and asked for students/researchers who would be interested in starting a Webropol-Baltic Sea survey. Webropol sales representatives have also discussed this opportunity with Webropol customers every now and then. The commitment has also been discussed with BSAG and additional issues have been added to the commitment: Free Webropol survey license for BSAG, free Webropol Analytics module for BSAG and free Webropol trainings for BSAG Webropol users. The Webropol license and Analytics module price is altogether 2480 EUR per year (free of charge for BSAG). The price for Webropol trainings (which are also free of charge for BSAG) are between 250-350 EUR per person.
  3. Strengthening BSAG’s Webropol skills. Webropol survey software has been taken in to use at BSAG. BSAG has participated in Webropol trainings.
  4. Providing Webropol online survey tool to BSAG’s use. Webropol’s features have been really useful for Baltic Sea Action Group. Thanks to Webropol BSAG has successfully organized many events, like Baltic Sea Living Room -event in 2015. Also schools have been able to announce via Webropol that they are having a fundraising day (a corvée) at school and BSAG is also having Webropol inquiry on their website (www.bsag.fi), where they ask to share great ideas to help the Baltic Sea.
  5. Providing Webropol online survey tool to BSAG’s use continues.