Irina Niinivaara

Irina is enthusiastic about sustainability and developing operations. She has a constructive mindset and skills for creating good interaction for collaboration. Irina has been working with CSR in big organisations as well as supporting numerous medium size companies in environmental management. Over the years, corporate sustainability has transformed from plain compliance to strategic goals, precondition or even purpose of business. Today, responsibility is not only mandatory, but also thriving partnerships and creating new ways to the future. 

”Many companies have chosen to be change makers in turning societies sustainable or even regenerative. It is inspiring to be involved in making this change possible and faster. Regenerative food system and circular economy are examples of systemic changes we at BSAG work with. There’s great power in open collaboration, and it is the way to create knowledge, skills and will to make real changes.” 

Irina coordinates, develops, and scales up BSAG’s corporate collaboration together with CEO Michaela Ramm-Schmidt. Irina is also responsible for everyday cooperation and communication with the companies. 

“Collaboration between us and companies is especially active within the food chain and maritime traffic. However, we are open to collaboration with any company with direct or indirect impact on the Baltic Sea and commitment to develop their operations.” 

On her free time, Irina goes for long walks on the Baltic Sea shore and sometimes challenges herself even to go ice swimming. 

Professional life

2021 – Baltic Sea Action Group, Corporate Relations Manager 

2013-2021 Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY, environmental expert: EcoCompass 

2012-2013 Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta SOK, environmental expert: grocery 

2008-2012 Inex Partners, environmental expert: sourcing and logistics 


2003 Master of Science in Technology, Helsinki University of Technology: recycling technology and environmental protection technology 

2021 Product development VET, Salpaus