Baltic Sea Action Summit

Baltic Sea Action Summit Helsinki 2010

To bring the Baltic Sea issues to the highest political agenda in all the Baltic Sea countries, BSAG together with the President of Finland Tarja Halonen and the Prime Minister of Finland Matti Vanhanen organized a first a Baltic Sea Action Summit February 10th 2010 in Helsinki.

The Baltic Sea Action Summits are not conventional on-off meetings, but instead part of a process with the purpose of combining actors from the public, private and third sector, and their resources. A ticket to participate to the first BSAS in Helsinki was already a concrete Commitment to action for the Baltic Sea.

At the high-level Summit, in Helsinki in 2010, heads of state from Baltic Sea countries together with people representing companies and non-governmental organizations presented their voluntary, public commitments to solve the problems of the Baltic Sea.

Altogether 147 commitments were made for a cleaner Baltic Sea, as the aim had been 50 commitments. The international media showed a high interest in the new way of working, by which the Baltic Sea can be rescued by cooperation between all stakeholders of society.

Baltic Sea Action Summit in Helsinki 2010

Baltic Sea Forum St. Petersburg 2013

The second BSAS was arranged in April 5. – 6. 2013 as a high-level Baltic Sea Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Forum hosted by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gathered together Prime Ministers and Ministers of Environment of Baltic Sea countries as well as representatives of Russian and international businesses.

Several concrete solutions for the Baltic Sea took significant steps forward: plans to build small waste water treatment plants in Leningrad oblast and Kaliningrad areas, treating poultry manure in Leningrad oblast and even the replacing of the Krasny Bor landfill with a new waste treatment plant.

Also a new initiative, St. Petersburg’s Initiative (SPI), was accepted in the Forum. The purpose of SPI is to bring together actors from the Baltic Sea region’s private sectors.

In the forum the BSAS process got strong support from the Baltic Sea countries and Commitments were recognized as a central tool in the work for a healthy Baltic Sea.

BSAG acts as an initiator of the Baltic Sea Action Summits and looks for, develops and monitors made Commitments. This process has been on-going since the first Summit in Helsinki.



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