Nutrient cycling business ecosystem

Breakthrough for nutrient cycling – an ecosystem of business clusters

BSAG acts as an initiator and catalyst for concrete acts to tackle the challenges to the Baltic Sea. Our work is based on constructive cooperation among all levels of society, including the highest political level in all the Baltic Sea countries, public authorities, and the private sector.

Breakthrough for nutrient cycling  business ecosystem  is a symbiotic partnership network created to coordinate companies related to nutrient recycling and create joint effort towards sustainable and competitive business models in nutrient management.
Nutrient Cycling –ecosystem is a network of  about 50 organisations which work with nutrient cycling, but whose approach to the issue is varies. This gives the ecosystem diversity needed for creating innovations, new alliances and competitive concepts.

The aim of the ecosystem is to create new business opportunities and export potential for the participating companies and to increase the value of nutrient-related business. When nutrient cycling becomes profitable business, the leakage from the nutrient cycle will be minimized and emissions to the Baltic Sea and other water bodies will decrease.

BSAG’s task is to act as a coordinator for the ecosystem of business clusters and keep the network dynamic, active and noted by relevant stakeholders. BSAG can initiate and promote concrete ideas and help and support partners who work with product development or piloting. A very important part is to support ecosystem with international connections, with markets but also via creating a channel towards EU organs. BSAG follows also international and national policy development related to nutrient issues.

Nutrient Cycling -ecosystem is funded by TEKES, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The ecosystem is part of the national program, which aims to boost economic growth via business ecosystems in the field of bioeconomy.

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For more information contact:

Nicholas Wardi
Project Manager
+358 50 3675 616