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BSAG to collaborate with Helsinki International Boat Show

The Baltic Sea will be a prominent theme in the Helsinki International Boat Show next February. BSAG collaborates with the Boat Show, as Boat Show will support BSAG’s work and raise the issue of cleaner Baltic Sea in its program. People attending the Boat Show can choose to by a special Baltic Sea ticket that donates part of the sales to BSAG.

The Baltic Sea is badly eutrophied, and there are large oxygen-depleted areas at its bottom. Cyanobacterial blooms (also called blue-green algae) covered large areas of the sea’s surface again last summer, causing worry to boaters, swimmers and other people spending time on the sea.

”The Helsinki International Boat Show is a natural collaborator for BSAG, as boaters no doubt have a special appreciation for cleaner Baltic Sea. The sea is shared by us all, and we can also save it if we work together. Our goal is that future generations of boaters can enjoy the uniqueness of the Baltic Sea”, says BSAG’s Managing Director Johan Schmidt.

Helsinki International Boat Show is aimed at boaters, fishers, and watersport enthusiasts. It is held on 8-17 February 2019 in Messukeskus, Helsinki.

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