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Elisa Mikkolainen


Elisa is a true shipping expert, who joined the foundation in 2020. At BSAG she is responsible for maritime activities in the Baltic Sea, which is one of the busiest shipping areas in the world, but also an extremely fragile sea area.

Before joining BSAG as project director, Elisa was active as a senior advisor at the foundation.

Elisa has a long professional career in commercial shipping, both in chemical tankers and dry cargo. During her career she has seen how shipping has changed, environmental regulations tightened, and corporate responsibility increased. Anyhow there remains a lot to be done, both at sea and ashore, to minimize the environmental burden of shipping.

“I am very excited about my work since I can make use of the knowledge, experience and networks from my previous career for a good cause. After many years in commercial shipping, I find it extremely meaningful to work towards a healthier Baltic Sea.”

Elisa thinks it is utterly important to pursue responsible shipping through voluntary actions. Ship-generated waste needs to be discharged into ports, not into the Baltic Sea, and BSAG seeks ways for efficient waste recovery.

“In shipping actions, we can clearly see the benefits of the BSAG approach. We gain concrete results with high impact, when we bring together for example ports, shipping companies, waste management companies, interest groups, researchers, and authorities. By doing this we managed to comply Baltic Sea Waste Info, an information package on responsible waste management, aimed at cargo ships, as well as an initiative on circular economy, which converts ships’ sewage into biogas.”

In her spare time, Elisa loves to cycle around Finland, and wander with binoculars and a telescope along the shores of the Baltic Sea.


2020– Baltic Sea Action Group, Project Director, marine traffic

2017–2018 Meriaura Group, Managing Director

2010–2016 Crystal Pool Oy, Managing Director

2011–2014 Crystal Pool AS, Managing Director

2007–2010 Crystal Pool Oy, Chartering Manager

2005–2007 Kemira GrowHow Oyj, Shipping Manager


2017–2020 Baltic Sea Action Group, Senior Advisor

2004–2008 WISTA Finland, Board Member

1997–2003 WISTA Finland, President

2009–WWF Öljyntorjunta, Team Leader


Master of Business Administration, Helsinki School of Economics, 2004

Master’s degree, Economics, University of Tampere, 2000

Bachelor’s degree, Linguistics, University of Tampere, 1991


Elisa Mikkolainen

Project Director, Marine Traffic

+358 40 660 1829