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Juliane Boy


Juliane´s primary task is to assist at the development of a Farm Management System, which is the core of UUDIS -Project. In more concrete words, this means e.g., designing and facilitating different kind of processes, trainings, and workshops.  

Julianes passion is to quid groups of people with various backgrounds and different perspectives to effectively collaborate and solve problems together. Facilitation and process planning experience she has accumulated as a freelancer and working at Akordi Oy.  

“Responding to the complex and wicked challenges of our time almost inevitably requires wide collaboration. Genuinely sustainable and wise solutions are more likely to be found when scattered intelligence and different views are integrated into effective cooperation. I am happy whenever I can support the pursuit to create meaningful action together!” 

Juliane is studying at Helsinki University a master’s program called Environmental Change and Global Sustainability. Her future dreams also hold practical farming work; hence she is conducting a vocational training of Horticulture at Keuda. 

“It’s a pleasure to find my favorite themes weave together at BSAG: regenerative agriculture and the stimulation of effective collaboration. Particularly, as I can constantly learn more!” 

Leasure time Juliane likes to spend e.g. by renovating her cottage, tending the garden, or dancing. 


Juliane Boy

Planner, Regenerative Agriculture

+358 40 506 4620