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Nicholas Wardi


Nicholas Wardi’s work revolves around corporate collaboration and various internal development projects.

Thematically, Nicholas has spent a long time working with responsible business, nutrient recycling and the circular economy. His special expertise lies in strategic responsibility, stakeholder cooperation, and projects that require multidisciplinary collaboration.

“My own work is strongly driven by the idea of activities that can create value for both the organisation itself and society as a whole. This idea should also lie at the heart of our business activities. Generating holistic added value guarantees both greater productivity and greater engagement among stakeholders.”

Nicholas has a master’s degree in economics from the Turku School of Economics. In 2020–2021, Nicholas studied to become a wilderness and nature guide at Eräkarkku. Both spending time in nature and protecting it are close to his heart.

“Biodiversity is an intrinsic value and we must do everything we can to protect it!”


Nicholas Wardi

Project Manager, Corporate Relations

+358 50 367 5616