Field work and basic research – presenting BSAG’s new member Eliisa Malin

News / 29.11.2019

The Baltic Sea Action Group strenghtened its roster in agricultural expertise as Eliisa Malin begun her work in the foundation at the beginning of September. Malin was already familiar with BSAG through Carbon Action, since Malin’s farm is one of Carbon Action’s one hundred pilot farms.

– My husband heard about Carbon Action through work. We got interested immediately. It was amazing to become part of a group of farmers who are not afraid of new ideas, and are supportive of each other in our shared, goal-oriented soil carbon sequestration endeavours. I’m really happy that we were accepted as one of the one hundred pilot farms.

Carbon Action’s pilot farms are divided into small groups that test different carbon farming methods. Malins’ farm is in the All in group that tests every possible carbon farming method. So far the work for carbon sequestration has gone rather smoothly but minimizing tillage has posed some challenges.

– Minimizing tillage has been the most difficult task for us. We need to consider carefully how to proceed with this method in our organic farm. It will require updating our equipment somewhat, as well as reorganizing our work. We have grown cover crops for years and they have worked really well. We would like to develop that method further.

The most recent addition to the BSAG crew, carbon farmer Eliisa Malin.

BSAG’s approach to advancing sustainable agriculture has always been pragmatic. Through Malin, the foundation has gained even more practical agricultural know-how. Malin describes her path to BSAG as “a year-long job interview”, as she got to know Eija Hagelberg and Sanna Söderlund from BSAG through Carbon Action.

– I realized how important it would be to get to work with carbon sequestration as I attended the Carbon Action events. I am a trained agronomist, more specifically a plant pathologist, and I longed for work in my own field in addition to working on our farm. I said this aloud on one of our field days and what do you know, I started my work in BSAG at the beginning of September!

Malin’s work in BSAG consists of many different tasks, such as Carbon Action related communications, event planning, trainings, creating materials and business cooperation. Malin’s main job however is to deliver scientific research to farmers and agricultural advisors. She works in the SOILADVICE project, composing guidebooks and texts to bring the important basic research and the latest research data to the use of farmers.

– My job is extremely multidimensional, which seems to be the case for everyone working in BSAG. The work is exciting and fast-paced. Every Monday brings a new adventure in the wonderland of sustainable agriculture!