Things happen when right people meet and information is shared. Baltic Sea Action Group speeds up the work for the Baltic Sea by finding and bringing together the relevant companies, scientists, politicians or anyone else needed.


Carbon action

Storing carbon from atmosphere to soil has a major potential in mitigating climate change. The same processes in soil can reduce nutrient emissions to the Baltic Sea. Carbon Action combines top research and practical agricultural work.

Nutrient cycling

Nutrients phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) are essential to all life. Excess nutrients cause eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. Valuable nutrients should be recycled and kept in use. This minimizes emissions and generates business opportunities.

Sea based actions

Excess nutrients are responsible for the Baltic Sea's poor condition. Mitigating external nutrient loading is important but not sufficient. Sea based actions aim to tackle the problem of nutrients leaking from the sea’s bottom sediments.

Commitment bank

A Commitment is an act or a process with a positive impact on the Baltic Sea.
We analyse the problems and find relevant organisations to help fix them.

Explore the Commitment bank and find out what over 250 organizations are already doing for the Baltic Sea!

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