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A remarkable shares donation for the Baltic Sea work

Action appealed Arto Frey

82-year-old forester Arto Frey had been thinking about supporting the Baltic Sea work for quite some time. Frey, a long-term shareholder and investor, decided that as the portfolio was now in a good shape he would donate it to benefit the work for our common environment.

The Baltic Sea has remained special to Frey, who was born in Kymi (now Kotka), but moved from the coast to Kuopio to begin his studies and work at Metsähallitus. So he began systemically going through NGOs and actors working for the Baltic Sea, exploring websites and reading publications. After a careful consideration Frey has made his choice.

“My interest was aroused by Baltic Sea Action Group’s idea, that all levels of the society must be involved, including companies”, Frey states. Even the name of the foundation appealed to me, action is certainly needed in the work for the Baltic Sea, “ Frey tells.

BSAG opened a book-entry account in order to transfer the donated portfolio.

 “Our aim is to continue to manage the portfolio and use the dividend income for the Baltic Sea work”, says Mathias Bergman, Secretary General of the BSAG. “Share donations are less common but a good way to support the chosen activity in long term” tells Bergman. “We highly appreciate the donation made by Mr. Frey as well as the assignment of confidence.”

Arto Frey has also in the past acted for the good of the environment by co-establishing a foundation Nestorisäätiö to promote the protection of the Saimaa Ringed Seal.  Frey also donated a substantial amount of shares for the established foundation.

Frey made his lifework in the service of Metsähallitus and took part in planning national parks in the Saimaa and Suomenlahti region. Frey also had a significant role in establishing the national parks of Kolovesi and Linnansaari.

arto frey

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