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Adven’s commitment towards more efficient nutrient recovery

Water and energy company Adven’s commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) will reduce nutrient loads to the Baltic Sea by developing and implementing nutrient recovery techniques in industry. Adven treats water used in industrial processes, after which the recovered nutrients can be reused as fertilizer. In their commitment Adven promises to familiarize themselves with the newest technical solutions and methods regarding nutrient recovery, and to introduce the newest techniques in water purification.

“Nutrients should be recovered and recycled. By recycling nutrients, Finland could be completely self-sufficient and we wouldn’t have to import nutrients from abroad. Adven has solutions regarding for example nutrient recovery”, says BSAG’s Secretary General Mathias Bergman.

“Solutions towards improved water and energy efficiency, as well as recovering nutrients and many other raw materials, are the most important features of the services we provide at the moment. The commitment is one way of making our work visible”, states Adven’s director Juha Elo.

Previoulsy Adven has for example carried out an evaporation service at Finnamyl’s factory specialized in starch production. The evaporation service managed to recover nitrogen, which could then be utilized as fertilizer instead of it being washed into the Baltic Sea.

“Adven is a great partner because the company is constantly collecting information on the best practices, and applies them in their work with different clients. Our precise aim is to bring together different actors who can then collectively help in achieving the larger goals”, says BSAG’s Mathias Bergman.

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