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Almost all the Commitments made at Baltic Sea Action Summit 2010, have been completed

Baltic Sea Action Group’s Commitment concept dates back to the 2010 Baltic Sea Action Summit in Helsinki. The Summit was a tool to gather together a variety of actors and their resources for the benefit of the Baltic Sea. The entrance ticket to the Summit was a concrete Commitment to help the Baltic Sea. Total of 147 Commitments were made by public, private, third sector actors, as well as the heads of state of the Baltic Sea Countries.

The Baltic Sea Action Summit
The Baltic Sea head of states in Baltic Sea Action Summit 2010

Of those Commitments made in 2010 by companies and organizations, 114 have been completed, 18 have been cancelled and 3 continue as active. Such is, for example, the commitment by Design Agency Taivas to provide their skills to help BSAG’s work for the Baltic Sea. Some of the first wave of Commitment makers have already made new Commitments to act for the Baltic Sea.

After the Summit Baltic Sea Action Group has continued to work actively for new Commitments and by the beginning of February 2017 there is a total of 292 Commitments and several are under negotiations. Of all these, 72 Commitments are active and 196 have already been completed. Of all the Commitments made since 2010, 24 have been canceled.

During the year 2016 number of new Commitments were made. Among new Commitment makers are for example Ekonia Ltd, whose commitment promotes environment monitoring based on measurements, Pro Agria -Rural Advisory Services, committed to providing expertise to farmers, to improve the soil quality in order to increase the yields and minimize emissions. UPM-Kymmene in their part, made their  third Commitment, which this time focuses on the use of recycled nutrients in wastewater treatment plants on their premises.

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