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Altia will join Carbon Action in the form of a new commitment

The Finnish alcoholic beverage company Altia renews its commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group. Altia’s selected contract farmers will partake in the Carbon Action pilot project, which is a joint project between Baltic Sea Action Group, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and Sitra. Carbon Action works in collaboration with farmers to study soil’s capacity to sequester and store carbon from the atmosphere, which is currently the only known way to reverse climate change. In addition to storing carbon, healthy soil is also able to retain nutrients, which reduces nutrient loads to the Baltic Sea.

”We are happy to continue our collaboration with Altia in the form of the new commitment. Participation in the Carbon Action pilot project is a logical continuation to Altia’s previous commitment, and it will undoubtedly benefit the contract farmers as well as the climate and the Baltic Sea”, says BSAG’s managing director Johan Schmidt.

In the new commitment Altia’s selected contract farmers will assign a section from their fields to use as a Carbon Action test plot for the next five years. Altia will cover the costs of soil sampling. Altia will also inform their contract farmers of the findings of the project, such as sustainable and carbon sequestering farming methods.

“It is important to find such technical growing solutions and possibilities that can be applied on a large scale, so that soil fertility can be maintained and improved. It is truly wonderful to be able to study this together with our contract farmers and the Baltic Sea Action Group as part of the Carbon Action pilot, says Altia’s Category Sourcing Manager Kari Kiltilä.

Altia operates in Nordic countries, Estonia and Latvia. Altia’s collaboration with BSAG began in 2015, and their previous commitment ended at the end of 2017. It consisted of measures to reduce water consumption, and encouraging contract farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices.

Altia’s press release can be found here.

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