december 2018

News 18.12.2018

BSAG’s work for sustainable agriculture continues

BSAG’s work towards sustainable agriculture began ten years ago with the JÄRKI project and we are happy to announce that the work will continue in the future. The two main financiers of JÄRKI project, Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation and Sophie von Julin Foundation have decided to continue the financing… Read More

News 18.12.2018

Viking Malt’s new commitment focuses on Lithuania and Poland

Malting company Viking Malt has renewed their commitment to BSAG. Viking Malt is the largest malting company in the Baltic Sea Area, with production plants in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland. The cultivation area of malting barley adds up to about 2 600 km2, and as such, Viking Malt has… Read More

News 18.12.2018

Slurry acidification discussed in Brussels

SATs sparked lively conversation as BSAG travelled to Brussels to convey the message about reduction of ammonia emissions from agriculture to policymakers and other key stakeholders on the EU level. On November 26th, BSAG organised a seminar on the potential of slurry acidification to reduce ammonia emissions from agriculture. The… Read More

News 18.12.2018

Breakthrough for nutrient cycling business ecosystem

Breakthrough for nutrient cycling business ecosystem (RaKi Ecosystem) was started back in 2016 to advance BSAG´s goals for achieving a good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. Business Finland (BF, former Tekes) funded RaKi Ecosystem for almost two and a half years until last summer when the official funding ended. Read More

News 18.12.2018

BSAG to collaborate with Helsinki International Boat Show

The Baltic Sea will be a prominent theme in the Helsinki International Boat Show next February. BSAG collaborates with the Boat Show, as Boat Show will support BSAG’s work and raise the issue of cleaner Baltic Sea in its program. People attending the Boat Show can choose to by a… Read More

News 17.12.2018

Course to save our soils’ breakfast seminar in Brussels

Baltic Sea Action Group, together with MEP Anneli Jäätteenmäki (ALDE) and MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP), organized a breakfast seminar in the European Parliament on November 27th. The seminar focused on soil’s capacity to mitigate climate change and reduce nutrient loads that cause eutrophication, and healthy soil’s importance in ensuring food security. Nutrient… Read More

News 12.12.2018

BSAG and eQ launch a significant partnership

eQ Asset Management and Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) have launched a cooperation enabling Baltic Sea protection combined with fund investing. eQ will directly channel 85% of the management fee from investments in the BSAG series of Mutual Fund eQ Blue Planet to fund the Baltic Sea protection activities of… Read More

november 2018

News 23.11.2018

BSAG and Valio to cooperate

Baltic Sea Action Group will start collaborating with the dairy company Valio to mitigate climate change. In spring 2019, BSAG and Valio will begin training dairy farmers to become so-called carbon farmers: the farmers can learn new ways to sequester carbon in the soil and can share the good cultivation… Read More

News 19.11.2018

Breakfast seminar in Brussels: How to save our soils while mitigating climate change?

Baltic Sea Action Group is organizing a breakfast seminar in EU parliament on 27th November in co-operation with MEP Anneli Jäätteenmäki (ALDE) and MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP). The theme of the breakfast seminar is to discuss and learn about the importance of healthy soil in mitigating climate change, securing clean… Read More

News 16.11.2018

Over 100 Carbon Farmers have started Carbon Action trainings

Nearly all of the 110 carbon farmers have now completed the first part of the carbon farming training. The second class of carbon farmers gathered in Siikaniemi course centre in Lahti for a two-day session in early November. The day-time agenda was packed with information. In addition to learning about… Read More

News 08.11.2018

BSAG’s christmas campaign has started!

Baltic Sea Action Group has launched their annual christmas campaign. This year the campaign focuses on the poor oxygen conditions at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. BSAG’s christmas campaign offers companies a chance to donate money to save the Baltic Sea, instead of spending it on material items. The… Read More

june 2018

News 28.06.2018

Two top experts chosen to head BSAG!

Johan Schmidt and Laura Höijer have been selected as successors for BSAG’s Secretary General Mathias Bergman. The search began in March and provided approximately 40 high-profile applications. After long deliberation the foundation’s board made an unconventional decision by choosing two applicants with complementary expertise. ”It’s unusual to choose two applicants… Read More

News 21.06.2018

Newest Baltic Sea Commitments studied in a report

BSAG’s newest Commitment Overview Report is now published. The report includes Baltic Sea Commitments made between January 2015 and January 2018. Altogether the report covers 30 Commitments. The report examines the types of Commitment making organizations, and the Commitments’ focus areas. Possible future trends in the Commitments are also explored. Read More

News 18.06.2018

Finnish Water Utilities Association’s Commitment focuses on storm water management

Finnish Water Utilies Association (FIWA) has made a new Baltic Sea Commitment to increase property owners’ and landlords’ awareness on storm water issues and the environmental impacts of their water management solutions. The impact of properties’ water management is significant in the time of heavy rains in many cities. Momentary… Read More

News 12.06.2018

Lucrativos’s Commitment aims at supporting research and actions to decrease eutrophication.

Lucrativo Sustainable Solutions offers CSR, environmental and sustainable design services to businesses. The company’s aim is to act in global co-operation with relevant organisations for optimal implementation of sustainable business solutions, and to support the development of a responsible society. Lucrativo has a multidisciplinary team of legal, environmental, design and… Read More

News 11.06.2018

European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference, ESPC3, gathers forerunners for more sustainable nutrient world to Helsinki

Helsinki, 11 June 2018 – Finlandia Hall in Helsinki welcomed over three hundred participants full of ideas on how global usage of phosphorus, a finite resource, could be more sustainable. The ideas vary from technical innovations to better governance or more effective management of nutrient resources. Phosphorus like… Read More

News 04.06.2018

Cooperle’s pig production cooperative demonstrates commercial potential of nutrient cycling

Participants from BSAG’s Nutrient Cycling Business Ecosystem made a trip to Brittany, France to visit Cooperle’s pig production cooperative. Cooperle’s farms stretch all around Western France but 65 % of them are located in Brittany. 35 % of all Cooperle’s production sites are situated in the small village of Lamballe,… Read More

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