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Base Camp Stockholm 2012 inspires win-win solutions for businesses and the Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea Action Groups Base Camp is an event where companies are given a change to find a link between their business and helping the Baltic Sea. The idea is that the problems of the Baltic Sea are represented as opportunities and company representatives are encouraged to think how they can contribute company know-how to the rescue mission -and benefit themselves in the process.
Base Camp Stockholm 2012 is held May 2, at the Nobel Museum and Kastellet. It is organized by Baltic Sea Action Group, IBM Svenska, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson och Nobelmuseet. On the event experts help company representatives to think out of the box and see links between their businesses and the solutions to save the Baltic Sea.
The BSAG philosophy is that everyone helps the Baltic Sea best by doing what they are best at. Most companies have competence areas, products, services or networks that can be used for the Baltic Sea projects.
BSAG actively helps the companies to develop these ideas further into concrete Commitments. A Commitment is an act or a process that contributes to a healthier Baltic Sea. BSAG collects Commitments and follows their progress. There are nearly 200 commitments today, from States, companies, NGO’s other organizations and individuals. New commitments will be represented in the next high level Baltic Sea Action Summit in Russia late 2012
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