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BioGTS commits to developing manure utilization in biogas production

BioGTS is a Finnish biogas and biodiesel plant manufacturer which provides innovative solutions to converting organic waste into useful resources, such as biofuels, electricity and fertilizers. The Baltic Sea Commitment by BioGTS enhances nutrient cycling by developing manure utilization in biogas production and bettering the quality of fertilizer made of nutrient rich digestate. Keeping the nutrients efficiently in use, less will end up in the waterbodies.

BioGTS ‘s solution, based on patented dry fermentation process, enables using drier feedstock materials (e.g. dry manure) in the fermentation process than current technologies. In order to foster the development process of its technologies, BioGTS decided to make a Baltic Sea Commitment.

In its Commitment BioGTS starts piloting process with the purpose of finding the optimal feedstock mixture to be used in the biogas production. The mixture is in the key position to improve the biogas productivity and the quality of fertilizer made of nutrient rich digestate.

“The use of animal manure as the feedstock in the process has a positive impact on waterbodies and to the Baltic Sea since it increases nutrient cycling and reduces the nutrient loads to the waterbodies”, states Mathias Bergman, secretary general at BSAG:

BioGTS, with its selected partners, develops technologies to efficiently utilize the residual digestate containing valuable nutrients and to increase the nitrogen level of the fertilizer made of digestate. These measures will develop the quality of recycled fertilizers in a cost-effective way.

Solutions of BioGTS are scalable from farm level to large municipal waste treatment units.

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