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Boost for the Commitment communications

Almost 300 actors have made a Commitment to the BSAG since 2009. Every Commitment maker is doing valuable work on their own field and that’s why the Commitments deserves to be communicated.

BSAG has created an own logo for their Commitment makers, which can be highlighted when communicating about the Commitments. In addition, we made a toolkit for Commitment communications to inspire Commitment makers to easy and effective communication.

Commitment maker logo:Commitment Maker logo.png

Toolkit for Commitment communication:A toolkit for Commitment Communications.pdf

BSAG work is based on constructive cooperation among all levels of society, including the highest political level, public authorities, and the private sector. In this operational model the Commitment makers are in essential role. No organization can change the world on its own but together significant changes can take place.

commitment maker logo

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