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BSAG accepted 41 New Commitments in 2013

Baltic Sea Forum held in St. Petersburg boosted Commitment negotiations, resulting in 41 new Commitments in 2013. A Commitment for the Baltic Sea is an act or a process with a positive impact on the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. BSAG actively seeks Commitments that benefit both the Baltic Sea and the Commitment maker.  To date, BSAG has 232 Commitments, of which 96 have been completed and 136 are on-going.
BSAG had the privilege to accept new Commitments from all the focus areas defined in HELCOM’s Baltic Sea Action Plan. However, in 2013, BSAG has had a heavy emphasis on eutrophication and hazardous substances focus areas. As a result, more than a half of the new Commitments concerned Eutrophication or Hazardous substances (22 of 41).
BSAG initiated several Commitment negotiations on nutrient recycling and the first results of are visible: eleven new nutrient cycling Commitments have been accepted during the year.
New Commitment makers represent different sectors of society. New Commitment makers are mostly Companies (27), but public authorities (9) and third sector actors (5) have made Commitments. A vast majority of the new Commitment makers were from Finland, but also Russia, Sweden and Baltic countries were represented.
Significant new Commitment makers include Vodokanal of St. Petersburg, Yara International ASA and Fazer. You can explore all Commitments, old and new, inBSAG’s Commitment Bank!​
new commitments
Figure. New Commitments in 2013 by Focus Area.

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