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BSAG starts fundraising

Also private persons can now participate in the Baltic Sea work by donating any chosen sum. Baltic Sea Action Group was given a permit by Finnish Police authorities for collecting funds from the public in all of Finland except Åland 1.11.2011-31.10.2012.
Donations will be directed to Baltic Sea Action Groups work related to eutrophication, maritime risks and emissions, threats imposed by hazardous substances as well as threats to biodiversity. These are the main problem areas of the Baltic Sea as defined by HELCOM (Helsinki Commission for protecting the Baltic Sea).
In spring 2012 it will also become possible to donate monthly through our direct debit programme or make an online donation through our website. Currently it is possible to make a donation straight to our bank account.
Account number: FI20 6601 0001 0935 66 (Ålandsbanken, Bulevardi Office).
Write to the message: “Donation to the Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea”.
Permit for collecting the funds given by Finnish Police 17.10.2011. Number of the permit is 2020/2011/3013, and it is valid 1.11.2011-31.10.2012 in all of Finland except Åland.​

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