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BSAG’s Base Camp Helsinki on May 14th converts challenges of the Baltic Sea into possibilities – President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö encourages participants to join the work on behalf of the Baltic Sea.

​Baltic Sea Action Group organizes the BSAG Base Camp event in Suomenlinna on May 14th. The main focus of the event is to dive in to the challenges that the Baltic Sea faces and explore the possibilities that the challenges could offer. The President of the Republic of Finland will be attending the gathering that takes place before noon. During the day, there will be discussions on various business opportunities the Baltic Sea’s sustainable development solutions can offer.
Speeches on combining sustainable development and business will be held by e.g. CEO Pertti Korhonen (Outotec Oyj), Director Aija Juntunen (Kemira Oyj) and Chairman of the Board Ilkka Herlin (Cargotec Oyj and BSAG). The afternoon is reserved for workshops where companies have an excellent chance to reflect on their organization’s future – and their way of committing to the cooperation to help the Baltic Sea.
The number of commitments made for BSAG by states, companies, organizations and private individuals is more than 200. A commitment is a concrete and public promise that states the actions the commitment makers will take on to help the Baltic Sea. States, companies, public organizations or private individuals can make commitments. A commitment can be something that directly or indirectly helps the Baltic Sea – know-how, technology or a standard of activity.
“When a commitment maker helps the Baltic Sea by doing what he/she does best, everybody wins – the organization, the Baltic Sea and the society” tells Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen, Development Director and founder of BSAG.
BSAG Base Camp is, as can be guessed from the title, the “last camp before the summit”. The new Baltic Sea related insights that will benefit businesses will be announced at the Baltic Sea Action Summit planned for 2012 and to be held in Russia. The first high-level BSAS summit was held in Helsinki in 2010 and was attended by heads of state from the Baltic Sea area, representation from the EU and leaders of the business world. More than 140 companies and organizations claimed their ticket to the BSAS summit by making commitments. The President of the Republic of Finland, the Prime minister and BSAG’s Chairman of the Board hosted the summit, as they were also the initiators behind BSAS.
BSAG Base Camp Helsinki 2012 on May 14th 2012 in Suomenlinna. BSAG organizes the event with Dazzle Oy, Kausaali Oy and the Finnish Business & Society (FiBS). The Governing Body of Suomenlinna, as a commitment maker, also helped the Baltic Sea with their know-how.
PROGRAM – BSAG Base Camp -event.pdfPROGRAM – BSAG Base Camp -event.pdf
You can follow the event on Twitter #BSAGBaseCamp and on Facebook at BSAG’s page.
For more information, please contact: Johanna Konttila, Communications Director, BSAG, +358 40 352 8899​

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