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BSAG’s christmas campaign has started!


Baltic Sea Action Group has launched their annual christmas campaign. This year the campaign focuses on the poor oxygen conditions at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. BSAG’s christmas campaign offers companies a chance to donate money to save the Baltic Sea, instead of spending it on material items.

The campaign includes videos in which BSAG’s founders Ilkka Herlin and Saara Kankaanrinta, former U.S. Ambassador to Finland Bruce Oreck, and actor Tommi Korpela dove underwater to hold their breath for the Baltic Sea. The dramatic videos highlight the suffocating conditions at the oxygen-depleted sea floor. Getting Tommi Korpela and Bruce Oreck to participate in the campaign was exciting. It also fits BSAG’s operations model, which emphasizes collaboration between all sectors of society, from artists to economic and political actors.

”The Baltic Sea still suffers from eutrophication, and climate change carries new threats. Although the Baltic Sea’s condition is serious, and the campaign videos are bleak in tone, the donors can feel happy about fighting for a good cause. Work for the Baltic Sea benefits both the sea’s unique biota, and all of us who appreciate the sea”, says BSAG’s Managing Director Johan Schmidt.

The Baltic Sea is in a poor condition, and large areas at the sea bottom are almost completely depleted of oxygen. Nutrient loads from land cause eutrophication, and decomposing the masses of algae consumes a lot of oxygen. Apart from microbes, there is not much life in these hypoxic areas. Lack of oxygen also causes old nutrients to leak from the bottom sediments, which fuels eutrophication further.

Companies who donate to the christmas campaign get visibility on the campaign site, as well as materials to communicate about their donation e.g. in social media and e-mails. The amount of visibility and materials depends on the size of the donation. All donors are also welcome to participate in a Baltic Sea themed event, organized in Löyly restaurant in the beginning of next year.

BSAG had plenty of pro bono help in making the campaign. Campaign visuals were created by Taivas and the campaign site was built by J+CO. The campaign videos were shot in collaboration with Duotone and Valofirma, and the location was provided by Genesta Finland.

You can visit the campaign site at

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