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BSAG’s fundraising campaign for schools started

Baltic Sea Action Group is inviting schools to join fundraising campaign for the Baltic Sea. A traditional way for a schools to raise funds is to arrange “a corvée” fundraising day. During the day students work for local companies or get sponsored by relatives to do some household chores etc. for a settled sum. After the day the raised sum is donated to a charity cause.

Related to the Baltic Sea fundraising day, many schools also organize education on Baltic Sea. This way the Baltic Sea and the state it is in, becomes familiar. Concomitant to the new syllabus, “phenomenon based learning” is becoming part of the daily schoolwork.  The Baltic Sea theme fits the phenomenon based learning excellently as the teaching can, for example, concentrate in Baltic Sea biology, geography as well as in the rich culture and history of the region. As a result, this year we have focused in particular on the level of the learning materials and the new materials can be downloaded here.

You can sign your school in here or by contacting Nicholas Wardi ( or p. +358 50 3675 616).

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