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Carbon to Soil! A new climate campaign starts today

​​“Climate change can be reversed”, states a campaign starting today. During 15 and 17th of June in the suburbs of Helsinki and Espoo circles a van that playing a happy melody. But it is not ice-cream it is serving but composted horse manure. The idea is to promote Cohu Entertainment’s non-profit Carbon to Soil project ( fighting the climate change.

The mobile application of the project makes it possible for anyone to take part in changing common farming into regenerative agriculture that ties carbon into soil. Increasing the global storage of carbon in the soil is the only known way to stop climate change and using manure is one possible remedy towards the goal.

Compared to agriculture based on chemical inputs, regenerative agriculture helps to tie carbon from the atmosphere and decreases emissions to the Baltic Sea. With the application a user can change a piece of land from a real farm to be cultivated by practices of regenerative agriculture.

The price depends on the size of the piece of land, one can also participate with a small amount of money. The user can follow how the state of the soil improves and learn about farming practices that are turning agricultural soil into a carbon sink.

Five well know Finns are delivering the manure which can be used in gardens. They are Mira Luoti, Paleface, Maarit and Sami Hurmerinta and Jussu Pöyhönen. Detailed timetables can be found at

The main executors of Carbon to Soil project are Cohu Entertainment and US based Carbon Underground. BSAG is one of the main Finnish partners of Carbon to Soil.​

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