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Caricatures of Finnish artists speed up the rescue of the Baltic Sea

cleaner groove with your christmas present

This Christmas companies are invited to join Baltic Sea rescue by a funky fish orchestra. Caricatures inspired by famous Finnish artists are speeding up the Baltic Sea Action Group’s Christmas campaign.

Even though the state of the Baltic Sea is still critical, the campaign is designed as humorous and entertaining. As a pleasant surprise Katri Helena, an artist loved by all Finns, gave her voice to the campaign. The Baltic Sea has provided some unforgettable memories for Katri Helena, just as for the rest of us.

Mostly I’ve watched the Baltic Sea from a deck of a ship. A few decades ago, the sea showed me her stormy face, when in a cruise ship’s restaurant furniture and dishes were flying. I see the Baltic Sea is as a mother for Gulf of Finland, Gulf of Bothnia and the Bothnian Sea, washing the hemline of Finland. The living Baltic Sea safeguards the continuity of life for people and nature alike”, says Katri Helena when asked about the importance of the Baltic Sea and the current campaign.

The Baltic Sea Action Group is an independent foundation established in 2008, working to save the Baltic Sea. Christmas campaign has an important role to play in funding the Baltic Sea work. For many companies it is also a first step in their action to benefit the sea.

Participating in the work for the Baltic Sea is an important and positive thing. We wanted to bring the same positivity through the funky caricatures. The aim is to get companies involved, in an easy way: donating the funds budgeted for Christmas greetings.  Even though the campaign is aimed at organizations, also private benefactors can participate through donations, ” says Pieta Jarva, Communication Officer at Baltic Sea Action Group.

Check out the campaign site at:

Further information about the campaign:

Pieta Jarva / 050 338 1096 / pieta.jarva(at)bsag.f

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