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Commitment by Ekonia helps increasing environmental monitoring

Measuring and analyzing are essential in order to minimize the inefficient use of nutrients and to minimize nutrient leakages into the water bodies. The new Commitment by Ekonia helps making it more commonplace.

Ekonia Oy is a Finnish company importing high quality measurement technology for environmental monitoring. Ekonia provides measurement equipment for example for monitoring air quality, radioactive radiation, water quality and ground water. In addition to water quality gauges Ekonia’s selection includes equipment to analyze foodstuff, soil and powders.

The goal of Ekonia’s Commitment is to substantially lower operating costs of measuring and monitoring in agriculture and thereby make it a common practice.

Measuring and analyzing are common practices e.g. in industrial processes. It is done in order to minimize the loss of feedstock and to optimize the production processes. The Commitment aims at increasing environmental measuring as well as advancing the use of Baltic Sea related measurement data. These actions would help minimizing the nutrient load and thus improve the state of the Baltic Sea.

The key of changing attitudes towards measurement in agriculture is to make soil measurement simple, affordable and eventually, a common practice.  This would benefit both the farmer and the environment.

Ekonia also commits to donating three portable Horiba LAQUAtwin measuring devices for measuring nitrate and potassium concentration in soil and water for educational use. In addition Ekonia works actively to develop an optimal measuring device application for nutrients.

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