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Commitment by NanoGeo enables binding nitrogen from agricultural wastewater for reuse

​NanoGeo Finland is an environmental technology company which provides environmentally sustainable solution for capturing ammonium ions from for example agricultural wastewater and to lock them for reuse.

The problem of the current fertilizers composed of cycled nutrients is their low content of nitrogen.

NanoGeo’s vermiculite based filtering sand binds nitrogen efficiently and makes it possible to test captured nitrogen as a component in fertilizers composed of cycled nutrients. Recovered nitrogen could be used e.g. to increase the nitrogen content of such fertilizers and to optimize their structure. These efforts would correspond to the required properties of fertilizers composed of cycled nutrients by increasing their nitrogen content.

The Commitment by NanoGeo is to test the new method by capturing nitrogen from animal manure and delivering mineral nitrogen absorbent for possible partners. NanoGeo also considers offering research support for suitable pilot projects.

NanoGeo’s innovation based on nanotechnology enables both cleaning waste water and increasing the nitrogen content in recycled fertilizers in a new cost efficient and sustainable way.​

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