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More companies engage in protecting the Baltic Sea

On 30 September, a get together called Base Camp 2010 was held at the Finnish Defence Command in Helsinki. The event gathered 100 participants from some 40 Finnish companies and organizations. The aim was to engage more companies to join forces to work towards a cleaner Baltic Sea. During the day, seven new commitments for the Baltic Sea were made. Several other companies presented ideas that will be developed into commitments.
The President of Finland Tarja Halonen opened the BaseCamp, which was hosted by the Chief of Defence Ari Puheloinen.
The panel speakers included Chief of Navy Juha Rannikko, Kemira’s President & CEO Harri Kerminen, advertising company PHS’s Account Manager Dave Gamrasni, as well as the Baltic Sea Action Group’s founders Ilkka Herlin and Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen.
The commitments made during the day relate to reducing the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, preventing hazardous substances to run into the sea, as well as increasing the awareness of the challenges facing this delicate waterway.
From the private sector, Raisio, for instance, committed to take into use the environmental index the company has developed for their contracted farmers. The index will help in minimizing the hazardous environmental impact of nutrients and the use of fields.
Kemira made its second commitment, which concerns methods for removing hazardous substances from wastewater. Other entities that made commitments were REACHLaw Environmental, Aura Marine, Givget and SOL.
From the public sector, a commitment was made by the Defence Administration to examine the impact of ammunition, explosives and explosions on the marine environment.
Several ideas for commitments also emerged. For example Fiskars, ALT-Systems and the University of Applied Science Haaga-Helia brainstormed ideas with the aim of perfecting them into concrete commitments.
As acknowledgement for the President’s valuable support for the Baltic Sea, the BSAG donated the “Guardian of the Baltic Sea” necklace number 1 to President Halonen. The necklace is designed by Kehrä Interior and is made from recycled silver. The necklace symbolizes the chain of engagements for the Baltic Sea.
The Base Camp 2010 event was the fulfillment of a commitment made by the consulting companies Kestävä and Dazzle at the Baltic Sea Action Summit in Helsinki this past February. For all commitments, please visit
For more information, contact:
Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen, BSAG,, tel. +358 500 200 480
Susanna Perko, Kestävä Oy,, tel. +358 44 273 7580
Vesa Auvinen, Dazzle Oy,, tel. +358 50 368 4642
The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) is an independent foundation founded in 2008 whose aim is to save the Baltic Sea. Special focus is put on solving the environmental impact from agriculture, maritime activities and hazardous substances. The BSAG engages in constructive and solution-based cooperation with public authorities and the private sector. With its innovative way of working, both the Baltic Sea and the committed organizations benefit. The basic assumption is that everybody can help the Baltic Sea by doing what they do best.
Kestävä helps organizations in the strategic work of surrounding corporate social responsibility and in building business concepts based on sustainable development.
​Dazzle enables organizations to continued renewal and sustainable win-win-win success.​

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