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Companies join forces to make nutrient cycling happen

Breakthrough for nutrient cycling – an ecosystem of business clusters has started its actions to boost business related to nutrient recycling. The ecosystem is a symbiotic partnership network of tens of companies and research institutes, brought together by Baltic Sea Action Group. The aim of the ecosystem is to create new business opportunities and export potential for Finnish companies and increase the overall value of nutrient-related business. BSAG gets TEKES funding for co-ordinating the ecosystem.

It is challenging for the individual companies to meet the international markets, as they require integrated, holistic solutions. The competition is now more and more between different networks. In order to meet the challenge, Baltic Sea Action Group has collected this ecosystem of dozens of actors. Together the participants can create new sustainable and competitive business models for the international markets”, says Heikki Aro, Senior Advisor at TEKES, Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

The ecosystem of business clusters is a new business-friendly approach to nutrient recycling.

It is an active and symbiotic partnership network created to help and coordinate partners in their joint efforts to make a breakthrough for nutrient cycling“, says Mathias Bergman, Secretary General at BSAG. “When nutrients are recycled and kept in the use, they don’t end up in the waterbodies. If the ecosystem can create a systemic transition towards sustainable nutrient management, the effect of it to the Baltic Sea and the environment is groundbreaking”, Bergman continues.

The goal of the ecosystem is to enable a breakthrough in nutrient recycling, create new business for international market and increase value of business on the nutrient recycling. Last year SITRA estimated that the annual added value of nutrient recycling in Finland, could be up to half a billion euros.

Another point of view is that achieving the nutrient load reduction targets agreed in Helcom, additional measures, such as improvements in nutrient recycling are required in Finland. Nutrient recycling is also one of the current government’s top projects.

BSAG has been received funding from Tekes to orchestration of the business ecosystem. The amount of funding is all together approximately EUR 290 000. The search is part of the Government’s Bio-economy and clean solutions – top projects. Tekes funding is for the period of 4.1.2016 – 6.30.2018.

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