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Continuous support for water protection and biodiversity in agriculture – Järki to start a new five year period

JÄRKI project that focuses on sensible enhancement of water protection and biodiversity in agriculture has received funding for years 2014 – 2018.
It started as a joint project between The Nature and Game Management Trust Finland and Baltic Sea Action Group in 2009. JÄRKI has cooperated closely with all levels of stakeholders, farmers, decision-makers and scientists etc., in order to solve the problems hindering the implementation of environmental measures in agriculture.
JÄRKI received its funding from Sophie von Julin Foundation, and Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation. An additional funding for the communication work in JÄRKI was received from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Potential subprojects decided on a later phase can furthermore increase the overall budget.
The implementation of the project has been divided in two. “JÄRKI Nature and Game” managed by the Nature and Game Management Trust Finland supports comprehensive nature protection and sustainable preservation of game in the field of agriculture and forestry.
“JÄRKI Nutrients” is managed by BSAG and the aim of the project is to influence national and EU level politics in such a way that sustainable nutrient management and biodiversity is better recognized and valued in the agriculture.
JÄRKI acts as a link between different approaches towards more sustainable agriculture
The strength of JÄRKI has been its unique network reaching from the grass-root level to the decision makers. The learning from the farm visits has been cross-sectorial thinking. With that as a guide JÄRKI has urged all actors to work in unison towards more sustainable measures and/or policies.
During the coming work period JÄRKI tries to link scientific research and practical implementation and search solutions abroad in such a way that they will better serve the sustainable agriculture. JÄRKI will also encourage experiments and innovation-friendly attitude in the field of agricultural practises.
More information:
Baltic Sea Action Group
Project manager  Eija Hagelberg, email:,
p. +358 500 – 609526​
The Nature and Game Management Trust Finland
Project manager Kimmo Härjämäki, email:, p. +358 44 – 5585015​​

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