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Drainage and water conservation seminar attracted a full house to Suitia castle

Drainage Foundation, Finnish Field Drainage Association and BSAG arranged a seminar on drainage and water conservation on May 26th. The seminar, held in the historical surroundings of the castle Suitia attracted over 80 participants interested in drainage and water conservation. The seminar was a part of the Drainage Foundation’s Baltic Sea Commitment to build a database for drainage related scientific research and to organize seminars and events related to sustainable water management. The database was published at the event.

The seminar included presentations and discussions on possible ways to reduce nutrient flows from fields without compromising good water management. Presentations covered a wide range of topics related to drainage and water conservation from practical, scientific, business and political perspectives.

Drainage Foundation made its’ Commitment to the BSAG in October 2015 and only about half a year later drainage research database was released in drainage and water conservation seminar. The databank was created to make it easier to find research publications on drainage and drainage related environmental conservation.

Link to the database: (Some publications are in English)

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