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DROPP and Guardian of the Baltic Sea Organize a Charity Dinner for the Baltic Sea

BSAG’s long term Commitment makers DROPP and GBS hosted a charity dinner on May 31 at restaurant Uunisaari. The event drew nearly 80 participants, and 1750 euros were raised to help fund BSAG’s Baltic Sea efforts during the evening.

The organizers set out to host a memorable event with a Baltic Sea theme for their stakeholders and customers. The goal was to provide information to the participants about the state of the Baltic Sea, create visibility for the work done on behalf of the Baltic Sea work, as well as collect one time donations for BSAG.

The event also featured two interesting speakers. Saara Kankaanrinta, BSAG’s founder and Chairman of the board offered some insight into the work the BSAG team does, and Development Manager Juha Flinkman of the Finnish Environment Institute shared the very latest news of the Baltic Sea.

The guests enjoyed a Baltic Sea friendly menu, consisting mostly of seasonal vegetables and wild fish. Each delicious dish passed the taste test with flying colours, as well as passing the strict minimum environmental impact criteria.

Mission accomplished!

More information in Finnish.

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