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DROPP multiplied its’ donation to Baltic Sea work in 2015

Year 2015 was successful to BSAG´s partner, social enterprise  DROPP Water.

DROPP’s commitment to BSAG is to donate 100% of its profit to Baltic Sea work. In 2015 DROPP expanded its product range and market share. These actions lead to donation worth of 30 000 euros to Baltic Sea work. Half of the sum was donated to the BSAG and half to the University of Helsinki MONICOAST research project.

The total sales of DROPP water grew up to 150 000 bottles and the reseller network expanded significantly. Café Fazer for example took DROPP water to its selection in May 2015. Managed by its’ founder Amanda Sundell, DROPP is striving to grow also in 2016. New co-operation possibilities have already emerged.

DROPP’s donation has an important role in the work for the Baltic Sea. For example, through BSAG commitment makers about one fourth of Finland’s field area is introduced to Baltic Sea friendlier cultivation practices. DROPP’s other donation target MONICOAST research project is also working towards a healthier Baltic Sea. The project is collecting data about changes in sea environment, which is speed up by global warming and eutrophication. Based on this data scientist can understand better, how changes in sea environment impact the species in ecosystem and ultimately how Baltic Sea could be protected better.

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