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Excess reed from shores to improve arable land

Eutrophication of water bodies and excess reed growth on shores are problems in many parts of Finnish. Ruokopelto (‘Reedfield’) project explores and promotes the utilization of common reed (Phragmites australis), for example, as an improver of soil. At the same time the project addresses the eutrophication and increases biodiversity of local water bodies and shores.

Ruokopelto project arranged a field trip 18/10/2016 to see how the shredded reed is spread out into the field to improve soil structure. In the event soil researcher Janne Heikkinen illustrated the impact of soil improvement techniques in the fields. Some 30 people took part in the event arranged at Jari Luoto’s farm in Lemu, Southwest Finland.

Ruokopelto is a joint project by ELY Centre for Southwest Finland and the Baltic Sea Action Group. The purpose of this triennial project is to make utilisation a solution for overgrowth of Common Reed, which is threatening coastal areas. The project provides new information on reed harvest and usage of reed biomass as green manure and soil conditioner.

Read more about the event (in Finnish) here:

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