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Gasum develops possibilities to produce liquefied biogas for maritime traffic

Gasum is a Finnish energy company, which is the leading operator in the Finnish gas market, as well as in the Nordic LNG market. Now Gasum has made a Baltic Sea Commitment in order to reduce air emissions in maritime transport by supplying liquefied biogas (LGB) for marine use. Gasum’s other recent Baltic Sea Commitment is on nutrient recovery from waste water.

Gasum has become the leading provider of LNG in the Nordic market. In addition Gasum has recently broadened its scope to biofuels, particularly in the production of biogas. The Commitment for the Baltic Sea enhances Gasum’s objectives to innovate and develop its biogas sector for marine use.  The emergence of LNG as a marine fuel has reduced significantly marine air emissions, including SOx, particles emissions, NOx and CO2 emissions. By its development of liquefied biogas, Gasum introduces a more sustainable way to promote cleaner maritime traffic and circular economy.

The development project for the Commitment has three steps. First Gasum turns the biowaste collected from the ferries into biogas in the biogas plants. Secondly the biogas is led to the natural gas grid, where it will be liquefied. And finally the liquefied biogas will be transported for the use of ferries by LNG trucks. The development of biogas process also contributes to Gasum’s innovative concept of circular economy model, which includes nutrient recovery and reuse, since the residue of biogas production can be utilized as a fertilizer in agriculture.

Gasum has made a separate Commitment on this to enhance nutrient recycling, and decrease nutrient leakage to the Baltic Sea. ​

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