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Innotek Oy donates to Baltic Sea by saving water

Innotek Oy, a company specialized water saving solutions, has committed support BSAG’s Baltic Sea work in coming years with a significant annual donation. As a part of the Commitment Innotek also endorses all their customers to donate to the Baltic Sea work. Innotek’s work focuses on decreasing the consumption clean water. With this goal also the amount of water ending to waste water treatment decreases.  The Commitment was launched today with a blast at company’s new office’s opening ceremony in Pohjoisranta, Helsinki.

The sum of the annual donation is linked to Innotek Oy’s Energo service, which includes activities to optimize the water consumption of a real estate. According to the company, out of energy used for heating of real estates about 30-40 percent is used for heating up water and with the Energo program the greenhouse gas emissions from heating can be significantly decreased. When water consumption is decreased also the greenhouse gas emissions from pumping clean and waste water decrease. Read more from Innotek’s website (in Finnish). (

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