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Intense Latvian cooperation – even an association to speed up the Baltic Sea recovery

​Four Latvian companies showed bold thinking and determination as BSAG Commitment makers. They established an association named “Let’s Live Green” in May 2012. The main goal of the association is to unite entrepreneurs and other members of the society for public awareness actions focused on saving the Baltic Sea. The association also promotes the gathering of Commitments that BSAG does in the Baltic States. A Commitment is a concrete action to benefit the Sea.
“In Latvia there is a need for raising environmental awareness to stir up change in personal attitudes regarding environmental issues. We share the same view on this. And the Baltic Sea is a common concern for all the co-founders.” Agita Bergane-Berge from Greenwalk Ltd, a co-founder of the association “Let’s Live Green” says.
“Let’s Live Green and the Commitments from where the association arose, are a great thing for the Baltic Sea work in Latvia”, states Marina Poutanen, the BSAG Project Manager for the Baltic States. “I see it as an opportunity for new openings in all of the Baltic States.“
On top of raising awareness of the state of the Baltic Sea, all four co-founder companies have made individual Commitments originating from their core competences.
“These companies spotted a good opportunity to expand their markets and simultaneously to help welcoming more sustainable behavior”, continues Poutanen.
Greenwalk Ltd, a Latvian company producing and distributing environmentally friendly household cleaning chemicals in the Baltic States and Russia, will carry out public awareness activities about the phosphate-free household cleaning chemical. It also initiates cooperation with Latvian municipalities in order to promote usage of phosphate-free cleaning chemicals in public organizations.
Info Serviss Ltd, a cleaning services provider, has committed to introduce phosphate-free household cleaning chemicals in their services.
Juridical experts of BNL Juridiskais birojs Ltd will translate and adjust the hazardous waste handling guideline for car repair shops, service stations and washes to fit the Latvian audience.
Arcers auto Ltd, a wholesaler of car related products and oils, will promote biodegradable oil usage in Latvia.

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