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Järki Lanta project’s final seminar held in Tuorla

Järki Lanta project’s final seminar was held on November 13 in Tuorla Livia College, which specializes in education and training for the land-based industries.
The seminar presented experiences, activities and results from the project period. Various cooperative solutions for livestock and crop farms. The project also studied the economic factors of the use of manure, different fertilizer spreading techniques and the avoidance of soil compaction.
The event focused on the problems and solutions for use of manure. Some of the problems are related to technical others to economical sides of for example storing and spreading the manure. Seminar raised discussion on manure processing experiments which had been tested during the project and the solutions for the technical process in practice.
During the day participants also discussed about the future of environmental compensation and nitrates regulation’s impact on manure use for the years to come.
Project outcomes in Finnish:​
For further information, please contact project coordinator
Kaisa Riiko, +35845 118 4709​​​

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