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Järki-project took farming advisers to a field trip to Wales and Yorkshire

Järki-project organized field trip to Great Britain´s Yorkshire and Wales for farming advisers who work with agri-environmental issues. The field trip took place between October 14th and October 17th. Eight advisers were selected on the basis of applications to study British style biodiversity and ecosystem management.
The aim of the trip was to get acquainted with the British nature and game management together with agricultural biodiversity enhancing measures. Farms in the region and local agricultural aid system were explored with local specialists. Agricultural environmental aid found to educate both sides.
“British agriculture has made a lot of small and large acts for biodiversity. We took Finnish farming advisors to have a look at this work in practice. At the same time, we discussed the coming of the new program period and its opportunities”, says Eija Hagelberg, project manager of Järki-project.
Four intensive days in Yorkshire and Wales brought knowledge and further thoughts. Järki-project´s field trip was funded by Finnish Cultural foundation.​​

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