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Keep the Archipelago Tidy made a Commitment to clean the Finnish shores

Keep the Archipelago Tidy has made a Commitment to organize the biggest marine litter campaign in Finland and clean the Finnish shores during two weeks in May 12.-25. The campaign consists of raising the issue of littering into the public awareness  and cleaning up as many shores as possible with the help of thousands of volunteers  in the Finnish coast line and Aland. The campaign is open for everybody!

Results and the progress of the campaign will be followed in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and the campaign continues the scientific work that was started in the MARLIN (Baltic Marine Litter) project.

Keep the Archipelago Tidy is a nationwide non-profit organization active in environment protection in many fields: waste collection, recycling, information and education. The concrete work includes among other things, collecting and recycling pleasure-boat generated waste, building and maintaining waste terminals and drying toilets in nature harbors.​

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