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Mandatum Life to advance responsible investing from environmental perspective: risk management and an investment opportunity

Mandatum Life, a Finnish financial services provider, has made a commitment to support BSAG’s mission to restore the good ecological state of the Baltic Sea.  Mandatum Life will use its skills, networks and expertise to advance responsible investing amongst its stakeholders.  Mandatum Life will also provide forums and visibility to BSAG’s cause.

The core of the Commitment is actively help investors to understand their influence and the importance of responsible investing from environmental perspective including the Baltic Sea.

“We believe that investors can invest in companies that are committed to effective action on climate change and the environment without compromising investment returns. These companies are already operating on tomorrow’s terms and are the ones most likely to be the successful. Therefore for investors, taking environmental aspects into account is not only risk management, but also a possibility for good investment returns, comments Mandatum Life’s CEO Petri Niemisvirta.

“Mandatum Life’s commitment to fully supports our philosophy that the rescuing the Baltic Sea is most successful when it is not about charity but sustainable and profitable business”, states BSAG Secretary General Mathias Bergman.

“The rise of responsible investment success shows that this idea is already mainstream. And when the major investors act according to this, the money moves significantly to sustainable targets”, Bergman continues.

A natural part of the commitment is to offer Mandatum Life’s financial expertise to BSAG’s disposal to further advance BSAG’s projects or initiatives. Mandatum Life will also make donations annually to BSAG. The Commitment is planned to last for five years.

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