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Metropolia’s Commitment proceeding

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ Commitment is to annually organize a special course to innovate for the Baltic Sea. ”A thousand ideas for the Baltic Sea” innovation course was arranged for the fourth time.

The course is particular in that it gives students freedom to pick an angle they like to the Baltic Sea problems and try to solve it. Students also have resources such as laboratory and teachers available and the groups are often multidisciplinary as the students come from diverse background subjects e.g. Environmental Engineering, IT, Business and Media Engineering. This creates new kind of co-operation between different faculties.

This year the students looked into subjects like controlling algae blooms with blue mussels, boosting diatom growth to replace more harmful blue-green algae and the use of ultrasound to remove algae.

One team arranged an event to raise awareness on Baltic Sea issues among students. Nearly 200 people took part in the event at School. They also built a website which gives more information about the Baltic Sea problems and created QR-codes to bring in people. The group concluded that many people weren’t that familiar with Baltic Sea problems and the course got good promotion to get dedicated participants also next year.

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