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New project started: Bringing sense into use of the manure in the Archipelago Sea catchment area.

​​​BSAG has started a new project on nutrient recycling and manure management on the Archipelago Sea catchment area at the end of 2012.  The project Järki-Manure is a part of a well-progressing Järki-project. A goal of the new project is to facilitate closer cooperation between manure-producing stock farms and crop farms, which have a need for nutrients. Right and effective solutions are being looked for by finding good practical examples.
Järki-Manure project concentrates especially on nutrient recycling between four different types of domestic animal farms and the crop farms which receive manure from them. The models for co-operation between these farms are being identified and described more closely. The project seeks also to identify possible bottlenecks blocking good cooperation and looks for concrete solutions proposals.
According to the idea of recycling agriculture, the Järki-Manure starting point is that the nutrients should stay in the food production, not end up from the fields to the water bodies, and further to the Baltic Sea. It is efficient to have the manure as nutrients for the plants, also in crop farming.
The two-year project is carried out by BSAG, and its funding comes from the budget of the Nutrients recycling program of the Ministry of the Environment of Finland.
More information:
Kaisa Riiko
Project coordinator / Järki-project
+358 45 118 4709​

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