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Nordkalk will donate 100 000 eur. for BSAG Baltic Sea rescue work

Nordkalk, a member of Rettig Group will donate to the Baltic Sea Action Group the amount of 100,000 euros within the next five years. In the early summer Nordkalk has made a commitment, the aim of which is to improve the state of the Baltic Sea first of all by decreasing caused by agriculture phosphorus emissions. The concept is called FOSTOP.
– We consider BSAG’s way to be a good and necessary one, and thus we want to support it. BSAG has managed in a good way to bring together skilled actors, opinion leaders and decision-makers and attract the attention of media. All of them are needed for getting things change, says Bertel Karlstedt, president & CEO of Nordkalk.
Nordkalk is a producer of limestone-based solutions for industry (for example, paper-, steel- and construction materials industry), as well as for agriculture and environmental care.​

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