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Nutrient cycling ecosystem in full swing

The business ecosystem is driving for a breakthrough in nutrient recycling

A number of different sized companies from different sectors have found each other around nutrient cycling -theme. This is not a mere coincidence, but the business ecosystem is orchestrated by Baltic Sea Action Group, which has promoted nutrient cycling for several years. The motivational factor for BSAG is reducing the nutrient load to the Baltic Sea, the participating companies however are of course also driven by new business opportunities.

“UPM is involved, as it has plans to use only recycled nutrients in the purification process in its wastewater treatment plants by 2030. The change is implemented globally at all sites. We are looking for local producers for recycled nutrients” says Esa Laurinsilta, UPM’s director of strategic partnerships.

“In recent years Baltic Sea Action Group has dealt with many Finnish companies associated with nutrient cycling. We have seen that several solutions exist but the innovations and the market sector need collaborative effort to achieve a breakthrough,” says Mathias Bergman, Secretary General at BSAG.

Also the Finnish Government Programme points at the same direction; it aims at bringing at least half of all manure and municipal sewage sludge produced in Finland under effective processing for nutrient recycling by the year 2025. “For companies the cooperation within the business ecosystem alleviates piloting, helps with finding funding and provides a possibility to work together for removing regulative barriers and building comprehensive solutions. “, Bergman continues.

Action day for the ecosystem on August 24th was a success. “This was only the second meeting, but collaboration between companies has already emerged and multiple ideas are under further examination”, Bergman tells.

The ecosystem is part of Tekes BioNets program. Currently there are around 50 companies and organizations in the ecosystem and new players are welcome to join.

For more information contact Riku Venhola: +358 (0) 44 340 3522,​

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